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Hif44 needle chart

Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 21 January - PM. Posted 28 January - PM. Posted 29 January - PM. Posted 30 January - PM. Community Forum Software by IP. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Posted 21 January - PM Hi Alll I have a 88 metro in my sons 72 clubbie Std engine with lcb and cone filter nothing out of the ordinary Std metro electronic distrbutor.

If choke is pulled on slightly this also helps. Do i need a new needle if so which one? What is easiest way to set timing? With or without vac connected?

How many degrees? Posted 21 January - PM Timing is done with the vac advance off and at rpm Sounds weak to me BEJ is a std Metro needle here is some needles which you can try, but only way really is a rolling road session Try a BDK which is a stage 1 needle if thts to rich try the BDL metro one below.

You dont say what part of the country your from? Posted 21 January - PM Do the timing first, then the carburation. Advance it turning the dizzy clockwise, listen to the engine note, revs will raise. Advance it to the point you'll hear the revs drop off, now turn the dizzy counterclockwise slightly to the highest revving point.

Test drive the car, in 2nd gear with the engine close to rpm floor the throttle an listen for any pinking. At any sing of detonation-pinking retard the ignition a couple of degrees and re-test it.

Follow the post above for needle choice. Posted 21 January - PM You may have to do a combonation of timing and mixture together as your car is running weak it will cause pinking so you may have to put in a richer needle and then do the timing as crazy about minis has indiated above and then play with the mixture again. Posted 21 January - PM Thats true and thats why it takes a bit of time to get it right, but always ignition first, then the carburation.

Posted 21 January - PM bdk i dont think so, better speak to minisport get there advice. Posted 21 January - PM while your on check that the oil level in the dashpot is correct.Have you found this site useful? Help keep it on-line. This page should help a bit. HTML and Perl have been used to develop this database driven charting and searching tool. I wish I could make it a bit easier to use, but this will have to do for now. How to use this chart. Grab a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, and the number letters stamped on the carburator needles you already have.

Write these down. Now you can go back in and fill in one, or as many as you like, station diameters and the database will return all the needles within that range.

Needle codes for SU carbs

Remember, smaller diameters, mean the needle is richer at that station. I've found it best to simply enter 2 or 3 stations at a time to search. Once you play with it a bit, you'll get the hang of it. This is a totally stand alone javascript based 0.

The page may say the script is running slowly and ask if you want to continue. If so, click YES, and it will run properly and at full speed without problems. It'll work just fine. You can seach by station to compare what other needle is near that one.Here are a selection of needles codes and the vehicle specs that they were used in The Axx and Bxx letters denote jet size.

A will work in B rich but not vice versa. I am looking for advice and pricing on what needles would be suitable for this set up. Hope you can help, John. Go radical and use two springs and fill the dashpot with 50 or even 90 weight oil. If that is an improvement, back off on being so radical and see what happens. What else has been done to the car? Cam change? Compression raised? Any thoughts?

If I richen the carb way out, it doesnt hesitate but runs way too rich mid to top end. I can just hear the puns about an but I do want it to run better than now.

Thanks for any help. Your Login Failed. Your E-Mail and or password are incorrect. Please try again. If you continue to have problems click on the Help Icon for additional options. If you would like login information re-sent to you, click on the button below to request your login information to be re-sent.

Ask Question. Select Different Car. Check out. View Cart. My Wish List. Continue Shopping. We have detected you're not on the correct site for the car you have selected! Click the green button below to go to the correct site. Select your car:. Body Style. Change to Different Car. Save this car to my garage. Continue shopping with this car. Classic Mini Su Front 1.

Classic Mini 1. Classic Mini rebuilt 1. Classic Mini Cooper-su Reference Catalog. Classic Mini colortune fuel mixture gauge. Throttle Shaft Reamer. This Item is currently not available. Return to Previous Page.Unfortunately I cannot give an all-encompassing table of what needles are needed for which engine builds.

My life's collection of all the automotive-orientated work I'd ever done was stolen out of my car by some low-life scum a few years back. Not for what it was - but for what it might be. All I have is a few scribbled notes, the source of where I start now.

hif44 needle chart

Being an oft-voiced question on the message board, I thought I'd share it with you. These are for comparison and are arranged going from leanest to richest. Makes a good visual example of what happens where on the needle profile in accordance with engine specification when the profile list of each is lined up in a row.

Howwebiz mudic from busoga

When choosing a different needle, select one with the same idle figures. If this is not possible, remember.

If new needle has a leaner idle figure, the rest of the needle will give a slightly RICHER mixture than the profile suggests. If new needle has a richer idle figure, the rest of the needle will give a slightly LEANER mixture than the profile suggests. Like I said - these are merely starting points - so a healthy dollop of sensibility is needed!

Not only does it list all the needles and their profiles, nut a useful section in the front giving suggestions on how to select a different needle than the one you're using. Your Login Failed. Your E-Mail and or password are incorrect. Please try again. If you continue to have problems click on the Help Icon for additional options. If you would like login information re-sent to you, click on the button below to request your login information to be re-sent.

Ask Question. Select Different Car. Check out. View Cart.Print this page. This thread is from the archive. I'm looking for some help with needle selection on my hif44, it is running on a bdr needle at present but the afr shows the mixture to be leaning out from the mid rpm range and getting leaner at higher rpm.

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Tickover up to about rpm shows afr at 12 to 13, hard acceleration this figure increases to 15 and at rpm it is up to These figures are general as it is quite difficult to get accurate figures whilst driving, they are somewhere near though. I have looked at the needle comparison charts and found a bdk needle that has a slimmer profile from the mid point on but i don't know how much of a change in profile will effect the afr.

Thanks in advance Stuart. You could try altering the needle you have if its running lean. No idea what an AFR is or what your figures mean but where it's running lean you can file your needle to richen it up. You are probably looking at the mid to lower part of the needle. No need to remove it from the dash pot, just take a small, fine file and carefully file a flat on it from where you think it starts leaning out down to the tip.

MG Midget and Sprite Technical Hif44 needle selection BBS discussion at

Obviously starting with a small amount and experimenting with a few runs. I did this on my HIF to get it rich enough to run properly then took it to the rolling road. They still had to tweak it a bit but it wasn't too far out.

Pes2020 mobil hirle yukle

A lot of rolling road tuners use that method rather than swapping needles. Another way is to put the needle in a drill or lathe and use emery paper to slim it down. Give it a go, the worst that can happen is that you will ruin the needle you were looking at replacing anyway!

Try a BBC Stuart and see how it goes. What we tend to find is we end up way too rich at lower rpm full throttles when we get the mix richer at high rpms. Thanks for that, there are so many profiles i could have taken me forever to find the bbc needle.

I will order one of those in and see how it goes. I will get another bdr needle as well so i have something to file at if needs be. This forum is a real bonus, i am forever reading through the archive for info, thanks again. A rolling road tune is always going to be the best way to get it spot on though.Print this page.

hif44 needle chart

This thread is from the archive. I am currently running an HIF44 carb on my cc Sprite. It has an ADL needle, which is supposed to be the ideal for a engine. I am not getting good economy and the exhaust smells rich to the extent that a friend driving behind me said he could smell unburnt fuel and see a puff of black smoke on accelaration.

Have I got a too rich needle as I am about cc down on a ? The car drives and idles smoothly. When I was at Peter Burgess' RR he said that the fuel to air ratio was very good according to the read out, which is one of the things I don't understand. Nothing has been changed since. I tried all sorts of needles but ended up back with BDL after a rolling road session. I second David's comment - get a RR session. Hi Bernie, Clean air filter?

Fatal frame 6

Choke control returning in fully? You could try turning the jet setting up a little. But given you have already been on a RR with this make sure you mark, or count and record by how far you turn the setting screw so you can set it back where it was if you need to. Hi Guy. Didn't improve things though. When I was at Peter's we were experimenting with different thicknesses of insulator blocks to lengthen and shorten the inlet tract. It didn't seem to make any difference what Peter did, even removing the stub stack showed no loss on the print out, so he bolted it back together as normal, advanced the ignition slightly and it topped out at about 50BHP at the wheels.

Not bad for the engine size. It's just the poor economy and the apparent richness that is bothering me.

hif44 needle chart

I've just been looking on the net at some charts and the BGF appears to be a leaner needle than the BDL, so I think I will try that as it may be more suited to my smaller capacity engine. I'd call him for a chat though OK, thanks chaps, I guess I'll have to re-think things.You may be profiting from them without even realising. In this episode of the Big Money Questions, Marcus Stadlmann, chief investment officer at Lloyds Private Banking explains what they are, how they work and how they can make you richer.

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hif44 needle chart

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