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Eve online best places to salvage

This article is sponsored by CCP. Across the fictional galaxy of New Eden, there are plenty of mind-blowing sights to see, whether they be massive planets and stars, strange nebulae, or the remains of bloody battles still floating in the vacuum of space.

Out of the countless points of interest in EVEthe following 15 examples stand out, not just for their beauty but for what they mean to the game and its community. With a whole galaxy now ready to explore, the Caldari began to colonize other planets in secret, attempting to break away from the Gallente Federation, which led to hostilities between the two factions. These hostilities led to a war that raged for over a hundred years. Ad — content continues below.

In an attempt to secure their homeworld, Caldari forces, in a massive show of force, moved a Leviathan-class titan, the Shiigeru, into low orbit around Gallente Prime, claiming that any further aggression against them would result in the Gallente being bombed into nothingness by the massive spaceship.

On March 23rd,the conflict over Caldari Prime came to a stunning conclusion. In the skies above the planet, NPC Dreadnaughts, capital ships designed to inflict as much damage as possible, arrived to assault the Shiigeru. They could join any side of the conflict, fighting for the Caldari, the Gallente, or even free fire on one another in the massive 2, player brawl.

As the battle dragged on, the NPC-controlled dreadnoughts ripped the Shiigeru to pieces with overwhelming firepower, turning the titan into a fiery wreck, which marked the conclusion of the event. Those playing on Dust witnessed something else entirely: the horrifying sight of the Shiigeru breaking apart in low orbit and plummeting towards the planet.

The surface of the planet was forever changed, now covered in massive impact craters that continue to burn to this day. Players who choose this path seek to unearth lost relics or to re-discover ancient knowledge from times long forgotten.

During your quest, you might even uncover something unexpected and truly unique. In this case, a one-of-a-kind shuttle born of a bygone era and drifting forever across the stars.

Little is known about this ship, and the only clue as to the identity of the pilot is that his name is Tom. As this enigmatic ship flies by, your scans reveal the following: this mysterious shuttle is slowly traveling through the galaxy, following a predetermined course from some unknown origin. Although similarities between its design and some current starships can be discerned, this vessel appears to predate those ships by many centuries. Scans indicate that the shuttle once had room for a single occupant but now lies empty, sailing onward in silent memory of the visionary pilot it once ferried.

eve online best places to salvage

Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Occasionally though, an explorer will manage to track Tom down and share his location with people interested in visiting the shuttle for some quiet meditation with a fellow traveler of the stars. The galaxy of New Eden is broken down into about 70 star clusters known as regions.

eve online best places to salvage

When traveling through New Eden, the stars seen in the background actually represent the systems that you are able to travel to. One of the most breathtaking of these nebulae is the Cloud Ring.

Upon approaching the Cloud Ring region in the Western Rim of the galaxy, the roughly circular nebula that the region gets its name from appears and begins to grow larger as your ship travels across dozens of light-years of space.

Best Solo Ships Around??? - EVE Online

Once a ship enters the region, the pale green sea of gas suddenly dominates the sky. Titans are the largest ships that exist in EVE Online.

They are massively expensive and require years of traditional skill training for a player to be fully prepared to pilot one.

When they were first introduced, however, a single titan could mean the difference between total victory and a crushing defeat. Steve is generally considered to be the first of his kind in New Eden, born in to the industrial superpower of the time, Ascendant Frontiers.

Steve was also the first of his kind to die. He was turned into a loose collection of burning wreckage by a hostile alliance after only 77 days of life.Industrial activity is a vital part of the game with the great alliances being both military and industrial powerhouses.

For the purposes of this basic industry guide, I will only discuss the activities that can be performed through the industry tab of the game. Industry in Eve Online can be divided into manufacturing and research. Manufacturing consisting of tech 1, tech 2 and tech 3 production both modules and ships and research consists of ME and TE research, blueprint copying, invention, and reverse engineering.

I want to start by discussing ME and PE research. This value represents the reduction of materials needed in the case of ME and the shortening of production time in the case of PE. To research a blueprint, you simply need to place it in the square on the industry tab as shown below. The number of ME levels raised is the same as the number of jobs completed. From the image, you can see that this blueprint requires no input materials which is true for most Tech 1 blueprints.

You also see that the job duration is just over 4 days and 3 hours. Finally, the total job cost is just above the start button which is the price in ISK it takes to complete the number of runs selected. You can also have multiple jobs running simultaneously. To be able to manufacture anything in Eve Online you need to possess a blueprint of the item you wish to produce. There are two forms of blueprints to produce from. Some blueprints require certain skills for production in which case the start button will be red if your character does not have those skills.

As the image above shows you need six different minerals to produce this item. For tech 1 items the materials are almost always the base minerals. There is a limitation on the maximum number of concurrent job runs. I should also mention that since the game always rounds up it is possible to get some savings by manufacturing larger batches. If you are interested in manufacturing you should read this more detailed Eve Online Manufacturing guide.

If you own an original blueprint BPO you can use that to create copies. By placing the BPO into the square in the industry screen and choose the copy tab you can simply choose the number of blueprint copies you want and how many runs each of those copies has. As before the cost and time for the job is shown as well.Once refining was easy since you just needed to max a couple of skills and that was it.

Now all the skills you can train matter, where you reprocess is important and even cybernetic implants can help. In this Eve Online reprocessing guide I will go over the necessary steps to maximize reprocessing output.

There are only a few skills that are important to reprocessing. These are Reprocessing, Reprocessing Efficiency and the ore specific reprocessing skills. The list below shows what each skill does. If you have not trained any of there skills, or are in the middle of training them, I would recommend the following order:. Next train the ore specific skills which correspond to the ores you are mining and processing to level III.

After that train the ore specific skills to level IV. Finally, you train Reprocessing Efficiency to Level V and complete it with the ore specific reprocessing skills.

This can be pushed a little with implants, but not by much. You should instead try to reprocess your ore, ice, and stuff in citadels. Citadels are player owned stations which can be found all over Eve now.

In low-sec, this can be up to For example, a character with max skills and the best cybernetic implant can get at This means that for every million in ore you mine, you lose 5. To top this, the NPC stations usually have a higher reprocessing tax, resulting in a further loss. Giving you a whopping The large citadels can offer yield increase to all ore or all ice and the extra large citadels can offer the yield increase to everything.

Riffe speargun size chart

So if you are setting up for mining you should check out what the citadel is offering. But the bottom line is, you should always reprocess at a citadel if you can.I forgot my password. As a new EVE Online player, you must be wondering how to start earning decent money, to buy better ships and enjoy the game.

These types of activities are usually done solo, they do not involve a high level of risk, and are not the most profitable, but will let you grind your way up.

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Odealo is a secure trading platform for MMO gamers which supports trading with real-life money. We know there are a lot of different ways to earn currency in EVE Online, but these nine methods seemed to be the most popular. If you think there are other methods that should be mentioned here, feel free to leave a comment below. You can also let us know if you would like to see a detailed guide about any of the methods above, and we may consider doing an in-depth guide about it.

Either way, feel free to leave a comment below. Sign in Sign in with your Odealo account. Remember me. Log in. Create a new account Don't have an account yet? Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds.

Like this:. Share this:.EVE Online boasts hundreds of ships filling dozens of roles and specializations. Here are fifteen favorites from my years of playing EVE.

Low Budget Salvaging

From humble Tech I frigates to the penultimate Titan class Avatar, there are ships for every purpose. Part of what makes New Eden so enjoyable is the fact that there is no one perfect ship. Able to fit a Covert Cloak, the Astero can invisibly warp, which allows it to hide from hostiles.

The Astero is the premier exploration frigate in New Eden. Whether scanning down elusive relic sites or diving into the unknown dangers of a wormhole, the Astero is your best bet to return safely home. Although it is a little pricey, it can be easily flown by low skilled characters.

80x120 shop price

The Astero can be bought in most regional markets. In the hands of an alert pilot, the Manticore is one of the hardest ships to kill in New Eden. One of the feared stealth bombers, this frigate can appear, lock, and fire and then vanish back into the depths of space. Especially useful for harassing enemies or destroying high value enemy structures.

In sufficient numbers, stealth bombers can pose a threat to the biggest ships in the game. The Manticore is a Tech II ship which can be bought in regional markets.

Blueprints must be invented by characters with certain industrial skills. Blueprint copies can be bought via contracts. Speed, agility, and the damage type versitility of projectile ammunition make the Svipul a favorite among PvP oriented pilots. Tech III destroyers are the ultimate Small size ships. The Svipul is a Minmatar design, meaning it excels in speed and punishing explosive damage.

The fastest ship controls the range in an engagement, and a Svipul is able to close for the kill or race for safety. Building one from scratch requires advanced industrial skills and access to rare wormhole resources. Blueprint copies are available via Contracts. The Punisher is one of the toughest frigates in New Eden, designed to stand toe to toe and slug it out until the enemy's ship vaporizes under its unrelenting laser fire.

A cheap Tech I hull, this is still a personal favorite. With five low slots this can be fitted into one of the toughest or fastest frigates in the game. Perfect for a kill and be killed roam into the depths of enemy territory. One of the easier ships to acquire. Blueprint originals are easily obtained, and with a minimal investment of resources you can build an unlimited number for yourself.

Also available in any major regional market. Another Tech I classic for a fun, fast roam. If you love using combat drones, this is the ship for you.It should be noted that, if you are less than level 80, then in this task do not use automatic assault to buy dofus kamasbut also not to use group attack skills. A guide to Salvage Part 1: Salvage 1. The point of this is please bare with me as I work to improve this guide via additional information and helpful suggestions from others.

This guide is intended to help those who want to get into Salvaging as both a way of income, and as a means to produce rigs also will be of a lot of help for those who don't want to buy isk.

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This guide assumes you are familiar with the basics on playing the game, and you know what the Overview is, how to target etc. If you need to know more information on those topics, then I suggest you look for some of the very excellent guides out there on those subjects.

You can see more resources in my Other Resources section. This guide is based on the Revelations Kali I release of Eve. There can be decent money in it, and once the prices on the market settle down, there will be solid money in both the salvage materials and the rigs. Both are rank 1 skills. Mechanic is a basic core skill so it should be obtained by every character at some point in their life. Survey is generally more useful to those wishing to pursue scanning and exploring.

In any case both skills need to be at level 3 in order to learn the Salvage skill.

EVE Online: 15 Most Beautiful Places and Sights in New Eden

The second thing you need to start salvaging is a Salvage Tackle I module. Once you know the skill and have a ship equipped with a Salvage Tackle I module, you are ready to go. In order to salvage you need a wreck to salvage from. Wrecks are nothing more than the remains of a ship that has been destroyed — either an NPC or player ship. When the ship is destroyed, it leaves behind one of two things — either a loot can which is not salvageable or a wreck. Therefore, the higher your skill, the faster salvaging will become.

There are three possible messages that will display while salvaging — two success messages, and one failure message. In either case, your module will shut off and the wreck will disappear from the overview and the field. There is no need for you to re-activate it.

If you no longer wish to salvage from the wreck at this point you can either shut of your module manually, un-target the wreck, or move out of range of the Salvage Tackle. In other words, if someone else killed an NPC pirate then you can salvage from that wreck.

As of Revelations 1. Salvaging a wreck flagged to another player is not considered stealing, so therefore you will not suffer any negative consequences from doing so. Salvaging a wreck that contains loot will not destroy the loot. Instead, a can will appear in the wrecks' place with the loot inside, which means you don't have to loot first and get salvage later. All wrecks have a symbol that looks like an upside-down triangle with a line running along the top of it.

Objects only grey out once you de-select them not the same as un-targeting them. In either case, they will still appear either full or empty depending on if they have loot or not.Newbies often fall prey of more experienced and better equipped players that love nothing more than turn their little frigates into space dust, or to scam them out of the little ISK they managed to acquire.

Sandbox games are also great equalizers.

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If the sandbox is well balanced, there are ways for the newbie that comes equipped with brains and guts to taste the rage and tears of players with several months or even years of gameplay more than them.

If you find the dark side tempting, keep reading, most people end up giving in to it in EVE Online, one way or another, so you may as well get used to the idea. Ninja salvaging lets you gain access to part of the income of level 4 missions with a much smaller investment and in negligible time. The actual loot inside the wrecks is indeed property of the one that killed the ship, but salvaging the wreck itself is free for all, and anyone can do it without fear of direct retaliation.

This, of course, tends to infuriate the Missionbears to no end, and the EVE Online forums are always full of complaints about the practice. There are many possibilities there, and the examples below are just what I personally use.

eve online best places to salvage

The Capacitor Flux Coils and the Nominal Capacitor Regenerators will ensure a degree of capacitor stability while salvaging, allowing you to continue on without needing to stop and recharge.

In the meanwhile you can run the tutorial missions to familiarize with the controls and earn enough money to buy the ships and the modules. In a couple days you should have plenty and some to spare. Training Astrometrics Acquisition, Astrometrics Pinpointing and Astrometric Rangefinding will also improve your scanning performance. First of all, chose a base of operation. You want to target level 4 Missiobears, so you should use this site to locate a system with one or more level 4 agents.

Those give the best salvage. If they have more than people, you found a nice Mission hub to work with. Once you found a suitable system, chose a station to operate from. Look for one without too much traffic, and definitely avoid the ones with the level 4 agents in it. In the meanwhile prepare an overview tab that lists only ships, stations, warp gates, suns, wrecks and cargo containers.

This will be your main overview during your ninja operations. Before starting to use your probes, bring up the directional scanner. Make sure the map view is centered on your ship, then start scanning and rotating your view with the mouse gradually. The directional scanner will scan a cone in front of you with a width determined by the angle you set and the distance determined by the range.

Remember that space is completely three-dimensional, so there might be targets even way above and below the elliptical of the system, so make sure to raise and lower your viewpoint gradually. Those are the ones that will possibly be engaged in level 4 missions. Ideally, you may want to look for targets that are also surrounded by large wrecks.

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A battleship with no wrecks around may be just starting a mission, but might also be just sitting there and doing something else. Reduce the angle gradually and move the camera around a bit until the scanner acquires the ship again.

Eve Online Reprocessing Guide

Copy and paste the Km values in sequence from the conversion table above into your scanner range box, starting from the bottom, scanning after each value. When your target disappears, you managed to roughly determine how far it is. Holding down Shift will allow you to operate all the probes together.

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