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Chenowth explorer chassis for sale

Make Chenowth. Model 2 Seater. Model 4 Seater. Below is some information but give me a call or comment and I can answer any questions that you have!

It has brand new battery and alternator and also has a brand new short spindle. Has 6 lazer lights that are super bright and has brake lights and tail lights. Buggy also comes with 3 sets of tires, rock, paddles and desert tracks that are pretty close to being new, only used a couple of times. It has a hi torque starter and I just put new oil, air and fuel filters and just replaced the oil. It also has electronic ignition so no dealing with points.

Nice side skirts so sand and rocks don't hit you while riding and disk brakes are in the back for extra stopping power with cutting brakes. Buggy comes with extra parts. No reasonable offers will be denied. Make Other. Never left me stranded in the dunes - she always got us home. Has been in storage for last years - Put gas in and she fired right up - idles perfect - ready for the dunes Sand Rail is part of a probate Chenowth 2 seat buggy Subaru 6 cylinder 3.

Newly rebuilt front shocks. GPS mph in full control handles like a dream. Lots of lighting. Sweet toy for the price. To much to list. Chenowth frame, Bustrans motor, full circle crank, Bilstein shocks.This Chenowth Explorer has all the makings of a vintage rig with modern upgrades!

I have always had a fascination with sand rails and have the pleasure of owning a Berrien framed sand rail. It was given to me as a present, and I was able to rebuild it from the ground up with lots of help when I was just out of highschool. Needless to say the obsession has only gotten worse. This Explorer is still sporting a heavily modified Type 4 VW engine, mated to a bus transaxle.

That running gear is met with brand new parts scattered everywhere. Some other noticeable upgrades include electronic ignition, a remote oil cooler and filter, and extended suspension arms front and back. You would even be surprised how it does in the mud, take it from me!

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Three rolling chassis at Metalworks, a pair by Art Morrison, and one Roadster Shop.

Skip to content. Fun for the whole family, and how can they say no to this kind of an adventure. The Spartan interior is all you need and nothing else. Minimal switches and guages meshed with a steering brake and shifter. A direct quote from the man who taught me how to work on Volkswagens.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Why you should contribute. Quick links. Located in Thousand Oaks, ca. I have a Chenowth 4LWD for sale.

This is a real Chenowth, it has the tag on the frame stating "Chenowth" with the serial number and the "4LWD" model name.

This car has a California title, green sticker, and state assigned serial number attached to the chassis.

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This is what you get; The frame Front to back aluminum floor Full body, aluminum and fiberglass Chrome rear engine cage Chrome nerf bars Steering shaft for rack with quick release wheel hub Shifter Rod Aluminum roof The car is in good shape! It does have some cracks that need to be welded. Overall, this is a very well built and strong desert chassis that has lots of potential.

Email for pics, I have many! You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Last edited by Conejoracer on Tue Jul 07, pm, edited 8 times in total. What are the inside between tube measurements for driver and Co?

The floor to roof height is 40".

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Last edited by Conejoracer on Wed Jun 17, am, edited 3 times in total. I find that the images uploaded from your phone tapatalk do not show except as links.

I expect it would be more likely to sell if others can see it more readily.

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It's a nice chassis and a good deal. Good luck selling it. They are great frames and with a body, that is a killer deal. Still have this chassis for sale? Take it to the big swap meets.

My Chenowth 4LWD build. If so I can give details in a PM about what I have to offer. My brother lives in San Diego, CA so I could have him check it out and pick it up if we can work out a deal of some kind. It looks like about a 2. Link to build thread: viewtopic. Things are rarely just crazy enough to work, but they're frequently just crazy enough to fail hilariously.This kit is by far our most popular. Designed for the Do-it-yourselfer.

This kit eliminates the guesswork! On a beam car you simple cut off the front clip and weld this front bulkhead on. Bolt together the front A-arms.

chenowth explorer chassis for sale

A shade tree fabricator should be able to complete the job in one weekend. Mild steel a-arms and cradle gives this kit real strength and durability plus the ability to bend and deform before failure where chromoly will fail before bending brittle break. Features and components:.

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Main cradle is 10" tall but can be cut down by 3". This kit has been designed to be welded on level with the chassis for beam conversions but if you're looking for a front end with 5 or 10 degrees of rake on the chassis specify when ordering and allow 1 additional week for delivery. The kit is designed with 10 degrees of caster, 10 degrees of SAI king pin inclinationdevelops a 3 degree progressive negative camber angle up to 24" wheel travel and 5 degrees of Ackerman angle for a rail with " wheel base and a front track width of 78" with spindle mount rims in the front.

Once aligned properly this kit is good for 0 - 24" of wheel travel with no bump steer! If you are running 3x3 trailing arms you'll probably only use 18" to 20" of wheel travel. A 10" stroke shock will obtain this amount at or about 24 degrees of angle laying back. When welding the cradle into your chassis center it in the front and set it level with the bottom of your frame. Make sure the cradle is level and squared to the existing frame. Screw the lower and upper a-arm heims all the way in and hang on the cradle.

Bolt tie rods and spindles on and center rack and pinion and clamp rack in centered position. Set toe so spindles are roughly pointed straight. Set camber at 0 to -1 degree same on both sides, neg camber is where the top of the spindle leans in towards the center of the chassis.

Re-check camber and adjust as needed then re-check caster as needed and repeat until both sides are set properly. After a few hard runs re-check alignment. Here's a couple links to some builds:. These are combo link spindles, so if you have spindle mount rims for stock vw spindles then they WON'T swap over. If your wheels are 5 lug on a hub then you can buy a front brake kit for the combo link and your rims will swap over.

Chenowth Explorer

You will have to fabricate mounts to make this fit your buggy. Assembly Required. Welding Required, spindle nuts are not included. Availability: Not for Sale. Review this item. Email a friend. Set camber at 0 to -1 degree same on both sides, neg camber is where the top of the spindle leans in towards the center of the chassis 5. Recently Viewed Items.The one located inside the museum is original and unrestored. It is in near perfect condition.

If you are a fan of the Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicle you have to see this movie. The FAV is also the star of the movie. It is not known how many survived the movie or where they went after filming was complete. Congress had de-funded the FAV by then so they may have been left in Israel.

I could not find out where it is now. They manufacture and sell canvas tops, seat cushions and cover for Military Jeeps and other vehicles. They might have original seat covers for our FAV's too!. Their website is www. We know that six went to Portugal in and were in active service until See the article here. This FAV can be rented for use in the film industry.

To find an authentic Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicle in private ownership is rare. We know that many were shipped to England, South Korea, Israel and Kuwait and most were just left behind.

Others were damaged during the years of rigorous testing at Fort Lewis and Fort Bliss. Some were just parked in fields at various military bases and turned to rust. This new FAV owner in Idaho got an excellent vehicle and an extra chassis. He also got several boxes of parts. He saved both of these vehicles from being scraped and plans on completing the rolling car first and save the chassis for a future project. Some of the parts will be copied by the new owner and used to complete his other FAV.

Not sure where this one is now. Photo was taken at a Jackson MI airshow. He has a real talent finding photos of FAV's hidden on the internet.This buggy was completely rebuilt from the crank case on. It only has a run time of about an hour total. It does need some things to complete the buggy. You get everything I have that will fit this fella'.

chenowth explorer chassis for sale

This is a project with a lot of new parts and a lot of older parts. It won't take much to get put together.

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This is for a person that is mechanically inclined. It's not far from being complete I just don't have time to tinker with it and I have other projects ahead of this one. It does not have a title but can be registered as a new build. If you choose to do so I can provide a bill of sale. It has been stored inside. I have a very good feedback rating and I assure you this will be another quality experience. I can also send more pics just let me know. I would rather not ship it but I'd be glad to help you load it on your trailer.

Excellent father son project. I do also have the aluminum skid plate for this buggy Condition: UsedDeposit amount: Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings. Like us on Facebook. See Details on eBay available at Watch Contact. Recent Feedback.It was produced during the early s for the US Army.

Initially the US armed forces ordered of these fast attack vehicles. These were delivered in These vehicles were also used in Afghanistan and later in Iraq. This fast attack vehicle is essentially a buggy. It combines low weight, high speed and good cross-country mobility. Vehicle has a high-strength tubular frame with roll cage. Light armor could be added as required.

It is used for hit-and-run style raids and scouting missions. The Light Strike Vehicle accommodates driver and two passengers.

chenowth explorer chassis for sale

Driver and assistant gunner are seated at the front. It can fire forward and to the rear on a swivel seat. The Light Strike Vehicle can carry various weapons, including 7. The gunner operates It could be even fitted with a 30 mm cannon. The baseline model was fitted with a 2. Later these were replaced by a 2. The six-seat version is powered by a 2. Engine located at the rear. It is mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox.

Vehicle has a 4x2 configuration with the rear driven wheels, rather than four-wheel drive. Vehicles were fitted with run-flat tyres. Three of these vehicles can be carried by C Hercules tactical cargo aircraft.

This special forces vehicle can be paradropped. Can't find what you're looking for? Country of origin United States Entered service? The Light Strike Vehicle combines low weight, high speed and good cross-country mobility. Country of origin. United States. Entered service. Cab seating. Dimensions and weight. Weight kerb. Payload capacity. Engine power. Maximum road speed. Side slope. Vertical step. Please Read.

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